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See a Surgeon Face-to-Face for the Best Orthopaedic Care

Providing top-quality care is our highest priority at All-Star Orthopaedics, and one of the many ways we deliver on this goal is by ensuring every patient sees a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon when they come for an initial consultation. Our team of extensively trained medical professionals is dedicated to patient-focused approaches, and that begins at the top, with the physician. There are many reasons why a practice might choose to utilize a mid-level provider rather than a physician. Some examples may include scheduling issues, the number of patients in need of care, and economic factors. Mid-level providers can be very skilled and knowledgeable, and we have some of the best-trained mid-level providers available as part of our team, but nothing can take the place of the doctor. We are proud to offer you swift and direct access to our elite group of orthopaedic surgeons when you come to us for a consultation.

What Is the Role of a Physician Assistant in Orthopaedics?

PAs are an integral part of orthopaedic care, and they serve as an extension to the surgeon. While PAs can technically provide all the same pre- and post-operative treatment as a licensed orthopaedic surgeon, they should always be working under the direct guidance of the physician. As mid-level providers, PAs serve as intermediaries between patients and physicians, supporting as needed. All of our patients are under the direct care of an orthopaedic surgeon, with assistance from our PAs as deemed appropriate by the physician.

What Are Mid-Level Medical Care Providers?

Mid-level providers (MLPs), or practitioners, include nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to name the most common careers. MLPs can provide excellent care and are accredited by licensing bodies. However, their scope of practice is more restricted than that of the physician. NPs and PAs are also called Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), and the term used depends on the institution and preference of the individual.

You deserve to receive exceptional care when you’re hurt. Talk to our skilled medical team today to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons.