Joint Fluid Therapy

Joint fluid therapy can be a very effective way to help patients suffering from osteoarthritis in the knees. The goal of joint fluid therapy is to replace the lubricating substance in the joints that is decreased or lost due to arthritis, thus helping to slow the condition’s progression and reduce pain. These treatments involve injections made directly into the affected joints over a short period of time, and have proven very helpful for patients who have exhausted other treatment options with little to no success.

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Benefits of Joint Fluid Therapy

When osteoarthritis affects the knee joint, it causes the breakdown of a very important substance called Synovial fluid. This fluid acts as a lubricant to the cartilage in the joint, and when it is lost, it causes the joint to degrade and dry up. This is typically what makes arthritis so painful and debilitating. Joint fluid therapy, often composed of viscosupplentation treatments such as Synvic, Supartz, or Hylagen injections, is designed to restore the lubrication and support of Synovial fluid. The injections use hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, to act as Synovial fluid and slow down the process of joint degradation. This can ultimately improve function in the knees and reduce the pain of arthritis.

Joint fluid therapy typically involves a cycle of three to five treatments over a number of weeks to achieve the best results. It can help patients who have not attained significant relief from other treatment options, such as medication or physical therapy, and can bring results that last for several months.