Dr. Straus Discusses Ankle Fracture System with Extremity® Medical

As a highly experienced and respected foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Brian E Straus worked with Extremity® Medical as the lead designer on the Omni™ Stable AF Ankle Fracture System. In a recent interview with the developer, Dr. Straus highlighted the benefits of this system’s implant set and instrumentation. When asked about its unique capabilities, he emphasizes the advanced plate design that can be used in virtually any routine or complex ankle fracture repair. 

While there are a variety of anatomic plates available on the market, Dr. Straus says the Omni™ Stable AF system is designed with the ideal level of thickness. This provides added strength where needed and precisely contours to the patient’s anatomy to minimize the risk of soft tissue irritation. With a plate for practically every application, Dr. Straus notes he has multiple options to better customize for the nuances of different fracture types. 

As an all-encompassing set, the Omni™ Stable AF also includes the necessary reduction instruments to ensure a more streamlined and predictable ankle repair. This adds further value to the set, as Dr. Straus recognizes surgery centers tend to have different tools available, which can complicate the surgical process.

Concluding his interview with Extremity® Medical, Dr. Straus reflects on his collaboration with the medical device manufacturer. He highlights the company’s dedication to pursuing new ideas and innovations, making the production of new product ideas possible. As a result, orthopaedic surgeons performing extremity procedures can continually advance the quality of care they’re providing their patients.

To hear more about the Omni™ Stable AF system, watch Dr. Straus’ interview with Extremity® Medical below.