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Knee Surgery Patient Review of Dr. Mark S. Greenberg

At age 43 (in 2007), I went to Dr. Greenberg for a second opinion on a knee that swelled after ultimate frisbee and had a torn PCL from an injury at age 27. The first doctor had taken an MRI and diagnosed a torn meniscus and a bad ACL: he said he thought the knee would need to be “totally redone”. Dr. Greenberg disagreed: he said the meniscus was worn and torn but the ACL was solid. He was also clear about not knowing for sure what would be needed until he got inside the knee. I had him operate and he trimmed the meniscus and did microfractures because the cartilage was thin. It has turned out really well – I’m playing regularly again and the knee just keeps getting better, I guess because the microfractures take a while to stabilize. For the first 2 or 3 years it still swelled afterwards, but less and less. Now it does not swell at all.

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