5 Tips for Preventing Sport Injuries

Participating in sports and maintaining an exercise regimen are great ways to keep your body healthy, but with strenuous activities like these comes the risk of injury. This is why our orthopaedic surgeons always encourage men and women to practice injury prevention. When it comes to protecting your physical health and making sure an injury doesn’t take you out of the game for a short or extended period of time, consider the following tips from our team:

  1. Attend a pre-participation physical each year for school-aged athletes. Every year students looking to join a school sport should schedule a physical to assess their health.
  2. Gradually condition ahead of time before physical events or sport seasons. To avoid over-exerting yourself before a sporting event, make sure to train properly ahead of time so your body is prepared.
  3. Wear proper gear and make sure it’s both in good shape and fits well. Worn out or damaged sports gear doesn’t function at its best and can lead to chronic or sudden injuries. Always wear the necessary protective equipment to safeguard yourself.
  4. Drink water before and during activities to stay hydrated. When you’re dehydrated, you can develop stiff or cramped muscles, which makes you more prone to injuring yourself.
  5. Practice good nutrition. Fueling properly helps with muscle repair and keeps you feeling energized, which can prime your body for healthy physical activity.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to be aware of anything that doesn’t feel quite right before physical activities. Be conscious of persistent pain or swelling, as this may indicate you should spend more time recovering and not push yourself too hard. 

At All-Star Orthopaedics, we offer sports medicine to help athletes prevent and treat injuries. From ankle surgery and knee procedures to hand therapy and shoulder repair — our goal is to address any injuries or conditions that are keeping you from doing the activities you love. If you’re in need of orthopaedic care or would like more information about how to prepare for sports to minimize your risk of injury, please feel free to contact us today!